ACMOS - Complete balance for your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

What is ACMOS

With ACMOS you'll get a comprehensive energy assessment and a completely personalised treatment session that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle, because we combine the best of Ancient Chinese Medicine with modern scientific measuring instrments. This helps you to achieve complete physical, mental and emotional balance, called 'global' balance.

Strengthening yourenergy reserves

With regular ACMOS sessions you will get to stay symptom-free because we build up your mental and physical energy reserves or the deep 'Centripetal Energy' to help you deal with stress better. This means you have more energy and vitality, better mental clarity and more balanced emotions.

Even if you have a chronic condition ACMOS still helps to build up your enery reserves so your body can balance itself and release its symptoms.

What is ACMOS different

Unlike other treatments, ACMOS can trace the real cause of your symptoms to a much deeper imbalance. We understand that your symptoms act like safety valves to release blockages from imbalance in your body's energy reserves. Once the cause is treated then your symptoms are no longer needed. Your body blows fuses to protect itself from being overwhelmed whenever you're in a stressful situation. The problem is the body can't always replace these fuses when the stress has passed. An ACMOS session will restore your "blown fuses" and allow your body to heal.