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I had suffered from M.E. for about 5 years after getting a virus from which I never recovered. I gradually got worse and worse until eventually I couldn't walk without crutches and was pretty much housebound. I was in and out of hospital several times and got nowhere with the doctors. I was so exhausted I could barely lift a cup; my mum had to cup up my food and feed me; I was in constant pain and had terrible brain fog.

A friend of mine who also had M.E. had just started seeing Pam and recommended that I get in touch with her. Pam came out to see me at my house for the first appointment because I was too ill to go to her. She spent a long time explaining things to me and by the end of the first appointment I started to feel and look a bit better. It wasn't long before I was able to walk unaided and by the time my next ACMOS Energy Balance appointment came round I was well enough to drive out to Pam's.

Over the next year I gradually improved all the time and I was able to return to study and part time work. I have now been seeing Pam for a year and a half. I am about to graduate with an honours degree, I am working four days a week doing voluntary work and am now looking for a full time job. I still have the occasional hiccup but Pam always manages to sort me out!

Claire, 27, Aberdeen


At the start of 2009 I started to get frequent headaches. As the year went on the headaches became worse and I was lucky if I went one day without being in pain. As a result of this, I was exhausted most of the time and everyday activities were a huge effort. I went to numerous medical practitioners and was prescribed all sorts of medications and treatments to try and cure these headaches, but to no avail.

Nine months after the headaches began a relative suggested that Pam may be able to help me. Initially I was sceptical but I agreed to speak to her on the phone in order that she could carry out a distance treatment for me, as I was staying in Austria at the time.

I was amazed by the results: the holistic approach quickly identified the underlying causes of my headaches and of other accompanying symptoms. Almost immediately after the balance my headaches became less frequent and my energy levels slowly started to increase. Now, nine months after my first ACMOS treatment I feel much healthier, have loads of energy and only have an occasional headache.

Although I do not fully understand the ACMOS treatment I would wholeheartedly recommend it and Pam to anyone. The results are incredible and I do no believe that I would have recovered without this treatment.

Kay - Aberdeenshire _________________________________________________________________________________________

I am 26 years old and I moved to New Zealand from Scotland almost 4 years ago. About a year ago I started to feel that I was always exhausted for no apparent reason, I would often have severe headaches, sore neck, shoulder and back. I also had no energy and often felt very stressed. As you can imagine all of these symptoms started to get me down and I felt very low as if I was losing my lust for life. I am usually very bubbly, active and fun loving but felt as thought whatever was happening to me had changed me into a person I didn't recognise - I was pretty miserable.

Of course I tried lots of things, regular exercise, more sleep and rest, taking it easy at work, less sugar in my diet, more fruit and veg but nothing seemed to help. I also spent a lot of time with doctors and nurses having tests, when all the tests came back "normal" they often implied that there was nothing wrong with me which made me ever more distressed about my health.

After talking to my mum, she recommended Pam at Head To Health. At first I thought - "What a load of rubbish! How can someone in Scotland who I have never even met find out what's wrong with me and let me know over the phone when I am in New Zealand"? However I was at the point where I was willing to try anything to get my life back!

Pam undertook a distance balance and we arranged a time to talk on the phone. I was totally amazed with the outcome - everything Pam told me made perfect sense to me. It was almost as if she had been a fly on the wall or a close friend in my life for 3 years as she managed to explain many sources of my pain both physical and emotional in great detail.

The fact that I had been very stressed and the reasons for it - not just too much work but things like always being too hard on myself and trying to do everything. As Pam said to me "stop trying to be wonder woman!"

So the balance is not just about physical issues but also your emotional well-being. We found out that I had been holding a lot of negative and often painful memories in my nervous system that related back to the exact time I had held a very stressful job for 3 months. This was a period in my life I had put behind me but my body had not managed to recover from it.

It was such a relief to hear that I wasn't mad but that there were many reasons for all my symptoms and also so refreshing to hear of simple easy ways to combat and manage them. For example I was recommended to drink a certain quantity of water and I find this helps me to avoid headaches. Pam has given me a great deal of guidance and tips on how to manage tension in my body. Within a very short time my energy levels were through the roof!

Pam now carries out my balance then sends the details to me via email. My balances are now getting farther apart each time as I continue to go from strength to strength. I rarely get a headache now, I have tons of energy, I am very active and happy and am really enjoying my life and living it to the fullest.

I am still very busy with a demanding job, family and lots of hobbies, I have not altered my lifestyle in any way other than taking a tiny amount of time each day to carry out the actions Pam recommends at each balance. This helps me to manage my stress levels and I have now taken back control of my life, I do not know exactly how this amazing treatment works but I don't need to know - all that matters to me is that it worked at a time when all "conventional" methods failed me! I highly recommend this treatment - it has saved me! Thanks for everything Pam.

Nikki Roche - Westport, New Zealand

I was introduced to Pam Robertson of "Head to Health" around two years ago. I had problems with psoriasis and stress at that time and was on medication for blood pressure, gout, and high cholesterol. Thanks to Pam and her ACMOS knowledge, I now take natural supplements supplied by Neways.The ACMOS antennae identified what supplements would be beneficial to me and I can honestly say they work.

My psoriasis cleared within about three months, I no longer am bothered by gout, and my cholesterol and blood pressure readings are acceptable.

I decided to take myself off all the medications some time ago and feel very well. I am very happy with Neways products as they are toxin-free and a lot of research goes into the formulation of the products before they are sold.

Brian Millar - Dundee

I had just been advised that I had a secondary cancer tumour located in my ovary and I was in shock. I phoned a friend who advised me to take some supplements to help cope with all my body was going through, they were from Neways. I started to take the supplements and there is no doubt that I felt better. I am a bit of a sceptic but I have to say I genuinely felt better, my appetite came back and I did not feel so tired .

I was going into hospital to have the tumour surgically removed and my friend advised me that I should contact a lady called Pam Robertson who had helped her.

Because I was in hospital I was obviously unable to travel so she kindly carried out what is called a distance balance. I was then sent a sheet of what to take regarding food and supplements when to take them and how much of it to take along with affirmations. I'm not sure I believed everything but what did I have to lose, my life was on the line and here was someone offering guidance when no one in the hospital was able to give that support or help.

I followed this and slowly I have recovered I had a scan done three months ago and it was clear. My hair was falling out but I used a shampoo from Neways and that has stopped falling out (Whether the shampoo is wholly responsible for this I don't know - this is just my experience ). I am back at work and getting on with my life. Throughout this journey I have had the considerable support from Pam who has spent her time on the phone advising and supporting me. I cannot recommend Pam highly enough she is a lovely person and a good listener - and I've not even met her! Although I hope to do so later this year. How the Acmos balance works I don't know, for me that's not important. I'm alive and feeling well and living my life and that has little to do with the help from the hospitals or doctors but more to do with the supplements and advice from Pam.

Cathy Adamson - Edinburgh

I am a girl in my early 20’s. I have a condition which makes me tired more easily. I have had this condition for many years.

I first started going to see Pam about a year ago. To be honest, I was sceptical about whether the Acmos treatment would work. At first, I wasn’t really sure if the treatment was making any difference, but as time went on I could really feel the difference of how I felt before, and how I felt after a treatment.

In-between treatments, I usually feel OK. When it comes to about a week before my treatment is due, I sometimes start getting tired. After I have received the treatment, my mind feels completely free. It’s a bit of a strange feeling, but in a good way. I also feel I have more energy after a treatment.

This past year has been tough, as have been doing a course that was very demanding. I finished the course, and did better than I thought I would. I don’t think I could have done as well as I have without the Acmos treatment.

As part of my treatment, I have a diet that I should keep to because my body needs certain foods. This means that I can’t eat certain things. At times this can be difficult but my diet is quite easy to follow, and I have become used to sticking to it (although I do eat things I’m not allowed sometimes!). What I eat is after all up to me, but when I eat things I’m not allowed, I usually feel ill so I try to stick to my diet as much as I can.

The Acmos treatment has had a positive effect on my life, and I am more motivated to reach my goals in life. I have also gained more confidence over the past year. I have learned that if I set my mind to something, I can do what I want to do.

I will continue with the Acmos treatment for as long as I feel that I need it. I am hopeful that one day I will have as much energy as I had before I got my condition, so I can live the life that I dream of.

Name and address supplied - Angus

I am writing to let all of you visiting Pam’s website know a little about how Pam and ACMOS have helped me over the past few years.

I had heard about Pam from a friend who had told me how much she had benefited from seeing her and having treatments and I felt it was something that could help me. I found and still find it incredibly interesting and there are such a variety of different parts to this system, which cover all aspects of energy work and more.

I now go at regular (now a days longer) intervals and have found many benefits for myself. I have always felt better shortly afterwards or within a few days and we have now become good friends.

The session which tends to come to mind most (and I love to tell people about?) is the time when I had stated during the treatment that I wished to no longer have an addiction to sweet food, chocolate etc. and from that day, almost a year and a half ago at the time of writing, I have not had nor wanted to have any sweet food apart from fruit. I can see choccie bars, ice cream, cakes and biscuits on TV, in shops and petrol stations (that was always a dodgy one!) and not even have a twinge of desire for them, it’s fantastic and incredibly self-empowering to no longer hand my power over to those products. Of course the health benefits from not having sugar are huge too. I am so very grateful for that and all the other treatments I have had with Pam and have come to really look forward to and enjoy my visits.

There have been times when I have been feeling a bit stressed, a bit down and have had pain in my upper body. I feel that I have had much help with these issues and we have tackled very old “stuff” helping me to move on. At other times when my health has been all out of sync, I have felt a great deal of benefit and receive so much excellent help, advice, wisdom and kindness from Pam who really goes out of her way to help many people utilising her many skills and AMAZING MEMORY which never ceases to impress me! She brings so many and varied aspects into her work including Neways products which I have been using for many years since before I met Pam. Sometimes there is a small bit of “homework” for me to do so the treatment is ongoing in that way providing the self-help aspect.

So if you are looking to improve your life, health, weight and well being on all levels, give Pam a call and I’m sure you will benefit too from her work, excellent care and advice. It’s not just the ACMOS system, it’s the practitioner and your relationship with her/him that help you. I know also that she personally has had some wonderful help from ACMOS and Neways and I am looking forward to reading other testimonials on her website.

Thanks for reading my story, blessings to all.

Jan Ogilvie - Montrose