About Head to Health

Head to Health offers a range of complementary therapies to enhance and improve your health and well being.

These are

ACMOS Energy Balancing

Usui Reiki

Traditional Indian Head Massage

In addition to these Head to Health offers a range of nutritional products and superior toxin-free hair care, skin care, cosmetics, dental care and personal care products.

My journey in founding Head To Health has taken me along an interesting path. I have always had a keen interest in health issues and being able to help people. Little did I realise just how big a part this would eventually play in my life

I first became interested in alternative therapies about 17 years ago. I suffered from M.E and after numerous visits to my G.P and hospital consultants saw no real improvement in my symptoms, it soon became apparent to me that I would have to take matters into my own hands and so began my quest for good health.

Over the next 10 years I tried various alternative therapies including: reflexology, homeopathy, kinesiology, vega testing, aromatherapy and so the list goes on.

Some of these therapies were useful in alleviating my symptoms, however I still had no real quality of life. My energy levels were extremely low and my concentration was so poor I was unable to read a book. I eventually had to use a wheelchair as I was unable to walk any distance.

In spring of 2003 I was introduced to Neways products and decided that I would give them a try. Within just a few weeks of taking a couple of powerful nutritional supplements and changing my personal care products to their toxin-free formulas I woke up one morning at 8.15am - bursting with energy and eager to get out of bed.

Well at first I thought this was just a dream and that it wouldn't last, but here I am over 7 years later, feeling more energetic than ever.

I felt well enough to train in Traditional Indian Head Massage which I thoroughly enjoyed and it gave me a huge sense of achievement to complete the course and receive my certificate later that year.

The summer of 2003 was a huge turning point for me, I was introduced to a lady who checked my nutritional supplements using an ACMOS Lecher Antenna. As soon as I saw the antenna in action I knew I just had to have one. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, I was tested to see which products I needed, exactly the right dose and the optimum time of day for me to take them.

I only wish that I had discovered it earlier as I could have saved myself a small fortune over the 10 years that I had tried various other supplements which may or may not have been suitable for me.

Within a couple of months I bought my own antenna and then began my ACMOS training. Whenever I saw the ACMOS system in operation I knew that it was a fantastic way to help people with their many health issues as it gets right to the root of the problem rather than dealing with the surface symptoms. ACMOS uses 300 natural remedies to restore the body to balance, many of which I had learned of during my M.E years, i.e. essential oils, herbs, minerals, colour etc.

I am now a fully qualified Bioenergetician and feel privileged to be in a position where I can help other people with their health issues, instead of focusing on my own.